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Before my career as an insurance broker, I worked in healthcare for a few decades.  Trauma and neurosurgery was the biggest eye opener because every week, I saw the lives of patients completely change after one weird, random accident.


I’ll never forget the patient in his early 30’s with a young family…  


They were camping, and it was dark, and he walked off to use nature’s facilities, unable to see the drop-off that he would soon fall down.  C 6-7 spinal cord injury and paralysis…


And sadly, he had terrible health insurance coverage, and nothing for disability or accident.


For years, I saw crazy situations like these, week after week after week…


Which probably partly explains why I’m so passionate about insurance coverage… Health and life and accident and disability… whatever you can afford and can get your hands on… to protect yourself and your family.


Because Life Happens!


But I’m here to help you navigate this crazy insurance world, with all the interest and passion that you’ll ever find in an insurance broker.


Stay safe out there!


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